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sports bras for running deals

Finding a good sports bra for running can often seem like an exercise in itself. Not only do you need to guarantee great brand quality at an affordable price, but you also need to make sure that your chosen bra helps, rather than hinders, you while you exercise. After all, we all know that without the right sports bra, exercise can cause discomfort and prevent you from excelling at the task at hand. We’ve rounded up some of the best deals from big-name brands, making shopping for this workout must-have a little easier.

There is evidence that going without a reliable sports bra can have a ripple effect on athletic performance; a recent study in daily Ergonomics found that a sturdy sports bra can reduce breast movement by up to 74% while running, compared to when you don’t wear a bra or wear a regular bra. Other to study from the School of Sport, Health and Exercise found that working out without a sports bra can lead to a crucial loss of confidence while increasing the physical risk of breast pain and sagging in the long run.



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