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Matt LaFleur laments ’emotional decision’ on challenge that cost Packers late timeout

Packers coach Matt LaFleur made a mistake that could have been incredibly costly for the Packers on Sunday, challenging an incomplete pass and costing the team a timeout late in the fourth quarter of what ended in an overtime win. about the Patriots.

After the game, LaFleur admitted that it wasn’t the right thing to do.

I’m not very proud of that moment.LaFleur said, via PackersNews.com. “That was an emotional decision. And I think it’s a big learning lesson that, you know, you can never make those emotional decisions in the heat of battle.”

The challenge came later Aaron Rodgers hit the catcher romeo doubs in the end zone with what would have been a 40-yard touchdown pass with 2:02 remaining in the fourth quarter, but Doubs was unable to control the ball as it hit the ground, and the umpires correctly ruled it incomplete. LaFleur challenged, and as a result, the Packers lost a timeout.

The Patriots were just trying to run out time and go into overtime on the next possession, and New England kicked with just seconds left in the fourth quarter. If the Packers hadn’t spent that timeout on the challenge, they could have called another timeout while the Patriots were running out of time, and probably would have had enough time to get into field goal range and win the game in regulation. . With the Packers out of timeouts, the game went into overtime.

LaFleur admitted that he challenged him despite being urged not to by one of his assistants.

“Connor Lewis is in my ear, he’s in the box, and he said, ‘Oh, I don’t think so.’ He said we shouldn’t challenge him,” LaFleur said. “I just made an emotional decision, and it was almost like throwing a Hail Mary. That could have come back and bit you in the butt.”

Matt LaFleur laments ’emotional decision’ on challenge that cost Packers late timeout originally appeared on professional football talk



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